Nutrition, Mealtimes and Dietry Requirements

Mealtimes should be a happy, social occasion for children and staff alike. Positive interactions should be shared at these times and enjoyed. San’s Day Nursery is committed to offering children healthy, nutritious and balanced meals and snacks which meet individual needs and requirements.

We will work with parents/carers to provide suitable food for children who have a special dietry requirement as diagnosed by a doctor or dietician. Although all reasonable care will be taken to ensure that a child does not come into contact with certain foods, unless a doctor’s note is provided, the Nursery cannot guarantee this. MENUS will be displayed in each room and in the kitchen and for ofsted inspection.

We have a policy in place for children’s food and routine throughout the day example; formula milks only can be accepted sealed with label name . any allergies parents must sign our registration forms and contracts.

The Nursery also provides colour coded (RED, YELLOW,GREEN,BLUE) plates, bowls, cups, beakers cutlery WITH A POSTER DISPLAYED WITH THE MEANING.