Child Protection and Safeguarding

Safeguarding is very important to us most children live in a happy family atmosphere who are properly cared for, and have happy trusting relationships with adults. However, sadly some children do not. There are children who may be subjected to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Child abuse crosses all sectors of society. It does not discriminate between socio-economic status, class and culture.

Every member of staff at San’s Day Nursery has a responsibility to familiarise themselves with child protection issues and concerns, and has a duty to discuss and record any injuries or illness a child has suffered, whether at home or in the nursery. If, at any time, a staff member believes there is cause for serious concern, information will be shared with a senior member of staff who may need to pass this information to outside agencies.

Parents will be involved at all stages unless this is not in the child’s interest and might put the child at further risk. Children’s safety is paramount.

Please Parents; we do have a strong policy on mobile phones we do not allow mobile phones in sans day nursery we do have sign posters up in foyer area as a reminder. We do inductions verbally and clearer explain to our parents regarding phones or seeing other parents not to bring in their mobiles. All staff are aware with approaching parents showing them our policy in our foyer regarding mobiles.

The nursery has a duty to safeguard the child whilst in their care.