Visit from Jewellery Quarter Police Team – Date: 27-03-2015

Info: Talk to Pre-School children about “Stranger Danger”

Sports Challenge Day – Date: 20-03-2015

Info/Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Activities: Obstacle course, indoor race, Sports Competitions etc.

Green Day for St. Patrick’s Day – Date: 17-03-2015

Info/Activities: Children can wear something green

and they will be decorating flags and hats.

Red Nose Week/Comic Relief – Date: 13-03-2015

Info/Activities: Children can dressed up in RED,

Cake Baking/Cakes Sale (£1.00) donation.

World Book Day – Date: 05-03-2015

Info/Activities: Children can bring their favourite book from home to read at Nursery. Children can also come to nursery dressed as their favourite story character.  Children will be visiting the Local Library and decorating their Favourite story characters.

 (Join your child at their story times. Come and see the kind of activities your child does in their child led and adult led times at nursery so you can support their learning at home.)