Autumn upcoming events

3.09.18 – 14.09.18  Special People
Children are welcome to bring in photographs of “special people” in their family to make their very own Family Tree. This will be a great start to all the new children at SDN.

12.09.18 – 14.09.18  Mini Creature Hunt Day
Children in will be exploring the outdoor environments using magnifying glasses to see Mini creatures in their habitat. Please ensure children are wearing raincoats and suitable footwear.

17.09.18- 21.09.18  Healthy Munching Snacks
Parents through-out the nursery will be encouraged to bring in healthy snacks for their child/children to eat during snack time such as, raisins, fruits and crackers.

18.09.18  Parent’s Autumn Workshop
Parents are welcome to join in with a fun and exciting workshop making scarecrows, autumn leaves, hedgehogs etc, using different colourful resources and materials.
If you will be attending the workshop please let Room leaders know what time will be suitable.

*Autumn falls on 23.09.2018*

24.09.18  Autumn walk to St Pauls Square
Children will be exploring St Pauls Square collecting leaves and looking at the different types they can see with plenty of pictures taken too.

26.09.18  Autumn Crowns
Children will be collecting resources from home and nursery to make autumn crowns using glue, scissors, construction paper etc.

28.09.18  Library Visit
Pre- School will be attending the Library to explore and read children’s books in a cosy environment (tbc)

Music lady visit (tbc)
Fireman visit (tbc)